Our Spring Summer 2022 Collection fabrics

Escape through creativity and fantasy

The universe of home decoration has become a space of infinite liberty. Desire to bring sunlight and joy to our interiors has never been so strong.

By choosing warm and bright colors, as terracotta, orange and sunflower, the fabrics from our Spring/Summer 2022 collection respond to a strong demand in furnishing and decoration.

We also find a pushing trend in fabrics with lively colors. Notably pigmented nuances with indigo blue.

Abundant floral tissues

After invading our wardrobes, flowers continue their ascension by taking place in our interiors. Inspired by a romantic spirit with delicate, little flowers or opulent, in an exotic style, floral worlds remains a trend in 2022.

Old tissues are on the rise

Closely linked to retro fashion, vintage or second hand, period prints enjoy great success in decoration. Old flowers, toiles de Jouy and indiennes will bring a touch of warmth to your interior.

Let us escape with nomad and dreamlike motifs

At the heart of a particular period, we all feel the desire for evasion all the while we remain at home. Ethnic tissues and African-inspired materials, as wax-style, seduce us for their invitation to escape.

Dreamlike motifs allow our imagination to fly. Our prints are inspired by our dreams. In an enchanted world, a lavish nature and plenty of animals invite themselves into our tissues.

Fall in love with our small pastel motifs

Because our children are often our source of inspiration, we have enlarged our childrens’ printed tissues offer. All certified OEKO TEX ®,you will find small motifs in sweet colors. Let yourself be inspired to confection cute clothing, childcare or decoration articles.

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